Tyke Hike To-Go

STEAM learning delivered to your door!

Enjoy fun, outdoor-themed activities with your family. 

What you get in a Tyke Hike To-Go box

Sustainable materials for 3-4 creative STEAM activities

Guide for adults to enhance outdoor time and support inquiry-based learning

Fun box and materials addressed directly to your child

Add a curated book to enhance learning with Tyke Hike To-Go +


"The activities brought a new dimension to our hikes and gave us something to focus on. Our daily hikes became more of a learning opportunity because of the guides and suggestions. Not to mention the intentional collection of natural elements like leaves/feathers etc. We come home with more art and fewer rocks. :)"

— K. Watts, Parent

IMG_4228 2.jpeg

"He loves his nature box. It’s been a fun homeschool activity for sure. Thanks!!!"

— M. Kresge, Parent

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