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Looking for fun, active, outdoor, STEM activities for your students?


Tyke Hike can help!


We design in-school and off-campus field trips and after-school enrichment programs 

to fit your school campus and needs!

Research shows that physical activity and time in nature are linked positively to children’s health, wellbeing, resilience, coordination, creativity and development.  It can be challenging to ensure your students spend enough time being active outdoors in nature.  Tyke Hike helps schools increase their students’ quality time outdoors!

We are now scheduling for the fall of 2020!  

Contact us today to learn more and get on our 2020 calendar!


Jill Neff, Teacher

Morningside Presbyterian Preschool

My class absolutely loved the Tyke Hike. The boys and girls were engaged the entire time and they learned a lot of fun facts, too. There were different science experiments along the way and music too. 

Anne Marie geared the hike around our age group-four and five year olds which was perfect. She was intentional with her nature lesson.


We can’t wait to do it again in the spring!

Laura Ulep, Parent

Morningside Presbyterian Preschool

Thanks...I heard all the kids had a blast at MPP last week!

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