Spring is my favorite time of year

Updated: Mar 24

Spring is by far my favorite time of year.

I attended undergrad in New York and enjoyed experiencing a colder climate. But every March I yearn for spring time in Atlanta.

I love the diverse colors of azalea blooms and the pop of spring green in new leaves. And with Tyke Hike, I get to experience spring on a whole new level – sharing seasonal changes with our little Tyke Hikers.

On a recent outdoor field trip in Atlanta, we played one of my favorite outdoor games for kids – Growing from a Seed to a Tree. I added a new element this time – using our fingers to pop out new leaves. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. The students at International Preschools loved the imaginative nature play! (Hint: nature play helps children develop a deeper connection to nature.)

I’m hearing increased interest for outdoor, in-school field trips in Atlanta. The administrators that I have talked to are hungry to offer safe, fun, outdoor programs for schools in Atlanta. I’m very excited to start our first after-school enrichment program at Galloway this week!

Growing our schools programs marks a new and exciting chapter for Tyke Hike. Emerging from winter, I’m grateful the new growth that comes with spring.

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