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Providing an Escape with Tyke Hike To-Go

On Day 2 of the 2020 election my husband and I decided to get away from the vote count and take a bike ride to Piedmont Park. I wore a thin hat and gloves to keep warm. Having been inside since the previous evening, I thought that it was chilly outside. Imagine my pleasant surprise as the sun touched my face and the temperature proved exhilarating rather than biting. We ate lunch, brainstormed about work and watched the geese on the pond.

Being outdoors is a needed and welcome escape at any age. Research shows that children especially need time outdoors to enhance creativity, practice risk-taking and develop gross and fine motor skills. In our modern lives, stress is common – families are stretched by new work and school schedules and the emotional and physical impacts of the challenges this year.

At Tyke Hike, we want to provide families with a valued tool to decrease stress, enhance learning and have fun. We are excited to introduce Tyke Hike To-Go activity boxes as an opportunity for parents (and loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, and caregivers) to encourage and structure time outdoors. Made with love and sustainable materials, the activities are designed to inspire wonder around the seasonal aspects of nature and science.  

Some families are already enjoying Tyke Hike To-Go, and we are hearing great feedback! We loved this comment from one of our parents, "The [Tyke Hike To-Go] activities brought a new dimension to our hikes and gave us something to focus on. Our daily hikes became more of a learning opportunity because of the guides and suggestions. Not to mention the intentional collection of natural elements like leaves/feathers etc. We come home with more art and fewer rocks. :)"

Knowing that our Tyke Hike families have one more way to plan their escape, even to their own backyard or favorite local park, warms my heart. Check out Tyke Hike To-Go today, and please send us any photos or feedback of your adventures!

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