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Go for it!

It’s one of those cold, rainy, winter days in Atlanta. I rescheduled a Tyke Hike at the request of parents who weren’t digging the soggy weather. And I was ok with that, primarily because we had a new family coming on the Tyke Hike and I always want families (particularly children) to love their first Tyke Hike. That’s the way I feel about all new activities and adventures – the best result for a child when trying something new is when the child wants to do it again.

I learned this from teaching physical education in preschools – children approach new and challenging activities completely differently. My task was to make sure that each child felt safe and enabled to take age appropriate risks, like jumping off a small step stool. I only asked that each child try it. We didn’t focus on being the best or being perfect, just trying. The approach is perfect for Tyke Hike too. We often walk over uneven ground or jump over stone bridges across creeks, practicing critical gross motor skills. The results are rewarding – children feel safe and enabled to take risks and ultimately gain confidence on a Tyke Hike.

I’m reminded that trying new things doesn’t only apply to children. At Tyke Hike, we recently created and launched Tyke Hike To-Go. A grandmother that lives in Atlanta and virtually “watches” her 5-year-old granddaughters in Michigan two afternoons a week recently ordered Tyke Hike To-Go’s Winter Box and the upcoming Spring Box. She was thrilled to send curated books and activities to her granddaughters because she was out of entertaining ideas. From preschoolers developing motor skills on a Tyke Hike, to grandmothers kidsitting virtually, to launching Tyke Hike To-Go, we’re all trying new things this year! Go for it!

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