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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Tyke Hike?

We understand that in a fast-paced world full of devices and distractions it can be hard to ensure that your child spends enough time being active outdoors.

Tyke Hike helps schools and families increase their children's quality time outdoors. Studies show that physical activity and time outdoors support physical and emotional health.

We foster STEAM learning.  Science, technology, engineering, art and math are important at every age, because they promote problem solving, and creative and analytical thinking.  When children play, they explore and build skills and theories about the world.  When young children investigate their environment, they experience the satisfaction that can come from investigation, discovery, and solving problems.  STEAM learning begins early and it is an essential part of the hands-on activities that we do at Tyke Hike.

What is a typical Tyke Hike? 

In family Tyke Hikes we meet at a different local park each week.  A parent or caregiver attends all sessions and embarks on Tyke Hikes together with their child.  Taking cues from the park, we learn about the natural environment, do an art or STEAM activity, listen to story time and have fun outdoors!

We also bring Tyke Hikes to preschools, schools and organizations, helping to foster quality time outdoors for kids.  We design Tyke Hikes for the school grounds or partner organization that include learning and exploring the natural environment.  Contact us for more information!  

What are your Covid procedures? 

The health and wellbeing of our Tyke Hike families and partners is our top priority.


We are taking the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously and have adopted the following guidelines from the CDC for outdoor activities. We are ready to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe. 

Our outdoor Tyke Hikes follow these rules:

  • Limited number of families on each hike.

  • Registered participants are asked to assess their own health on the day of their scheduled program and encouraged to stay home if they aren't feeling well or develop cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell, new or worsened congestion, or diarrhea. Tyke Hike will gladly transfer any reservation to a future date at no additional cost.

What sorts of activities will we do on a Tyke Hike?​

Each Tyke Hike is refreshingly different.  We design programs and activities according to the location and season.  Some recent activities include making binoculars and observing birds, identifying leaves, leaf threading to create crowns and necklaces, acting out the tree life cycle from seed to trees blowing in the breeze, and creating bird nests out of items we collect.  Join us to experience the uniqueness of Tyke Hike programming.

Are there any discounts?

Tyke Hikes are $25 per child ages 2-5. Each child must be registered separately.


There are discounts for siblings and packages (ie. 5-hike and 10-hike packages).*

Siblings: If you register siblings for a single hike, use code MoreTheMerrier at checkout to receive 10% off for each child. Families that purchase a 10-pack for multiple siblings (ages 2-5) will receive 1 hike free.  Please email us to let us know that siblings will be using your 10-pack. 


Packages: Contact us to purchase a 5-pack (10% off) or 10-pack (20% off). 

What if I want to bring the whole family?  (ie. sibling policy)

Excellent!  We believe that hiking should be a family activity!  

Children 2-5 must be registered separately.  Children under 2 are free.  Strollers are not appropriate, because we explore parks and trails.


Children 6 years and older are over our age limit.  We may add Tyke Hike sessions for older children in the future.  If you are interested in this, please let us know!

Families that purchase a 10-pack for multiple siblings (ages 2-5) will receive 1 hike free.  Please email us to let us know that siblings will be using your 10-pack.

Can I bring my grandchild, niece, nephew, godchild?

We love extended families!  We would be happy to have you and your grandchild, niece, nephew, godchild on a Tyke Hike!  We do require that the parents register and sign our liability waiver.

Will Tyke Hike come to my school or organization?

Yes!  With your guidance, we craft the perfect experience for your organization!  In schools and other organizations, we design Tyke Hikes for the school grounds  (ie. in-school field trips) or location that include learning and exploring the natural environment.  Contact us for more information!

What about Tyke Hike birthday parties?

We would love to help you celebrate!  For birthday parties, we design a fun Tyke Hike for the park or back yard of your choice.  Please contact us for more information!

What if the location of my Tyke Hike is not posted when I book it?

Stay tuned! If your Tyke Hike location is not posted when you book, you will receive an email with the location 3 days before your scheduled hike.  The Tyke Hike will always be located in the designated neighborhood.

What to wear/bring?

Please wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the outdoors and for the weather.  We may get dirty or wet, including our shoes.  Please don't purchase fancy footwear; sneakers work great!  Please bring masks and drinking water for you and your child(ren).

Does Tyke Hike provide a snack?

We did, prior to adopting new Covid- procedures.  We no longer provide a snack, but you are welcome to bring something along for your own family to chow on during story time.​

What if my child needs first aid?


We make every effort for our Tyke Hike Leaders to have current first aid and CPR certifications.  Leaders bring first aid kits for minor first aid.  They will ask you or your caregiver’s consent to apply minor first aid to you, your caregiver, or your child.  In case of an emergency, they will ask you or your caregiver for help responding to the emergency.

What if it is raining or if there is inclement weather?

In case of rain, we will host and/or continue the Tyke Hike.  Please bring appropriate rain gear (coats or ponchos) so that you can continue the Tyke Hike. 


In case of inclement weather, we may choose to cancel a scheduled Tyke Hike. In such cases, we will inform you of the cancellation via email.  Please remember to check your email if inclement weather is possible/predicted so that you are aware of any changes to the schedule. If a Tyke Hike is cancelled, your account will be credited for the Tyke Hike, which you may reschedule for another one of your choice.  

If the weather takes a turn during a Tyke Hike, the Hike Leader will discontinue the hike and help you exit the park.

Does Tyke Hike run all year? 

We operate during the school year and host camps during the summer.

Are there bathrooms nearby?

Tyke Hike Hikes are conducted at local parks.  Most do not have restroom facilities.  Nature calls!

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