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Tyke Hike

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Tyke Hike is designed to provide healthy outdoor experiences for children (ages 2-5) and their families.  

Hiking is a fun activity that families can embark on together, forever!  Tyke Hike helps families make hiking fun and easy, planting the seeds for a lifetime of connection outdoors.

Studies show that physical activity and time outdoors are both linked to health.  We understand that in a fast-paced world full of devices and distractions it can be hard to ensure that your child spends enough time being active outdoors. Tyke Hike helps parents and caregivers increase their children's quality time outdoors. 

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We make it easy.  All you have to do is show up.  

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Our mission is to help parents and schools raise healthy children by increasing their quality time outdoors.

Anne Marie Hoffman

Founder & Head Hiker

A native of Atlanta, Anne Marie grew up enjoying the outdoors with her parents and siblings.  With a B.A. in Biology and a M.S. in Conservation Biology, she has developed and taught nature-based curriculum in Georgia, Nicaragua, and the Virgin Islands.  

Anne Marie is enthusiastic about sharing her love of the outdoors with others!  She believes that it is important to spend time outdoors for physical and emotional health and to have fun!  She founded Tyke Hike to help children and families spend healthy, active time together outdoors.  


When Anne Marie isn’t leading Tyke Hikes, she enjoys volunteering for organizations that create green space and coaching sports.  She teaches or has taught PE at 10+ preschools and elementary schools all around the Atlanta area.  


Join Anne Marie on a Tyke Hike!


Heather Rice

Programming Specialist and
Hike Leader

Heather has been passionate about bringing children and families out into the natural world for over 15 years. Her sense of adventure has led her to work in beautiful places. On the California coast, she served as the programming director for an outdoor education company, where she led school groups on hikes, team building challenges and ocean excursions. In the mountains of Colorado, she managed an adventure kid's camp and guided families on rock climbs and hikes. 


Here in Atlanta, Heather coordinates nature-based programming for families at a local non-profit. She brings a creative hands-on approach to outdoor exploration that fosters a sense of inquisitiveness, self-confidence and joy. With a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Issues and a MA in International Development and Social Change, when Heather isn't out hiking, she loves cooking and enjoying healthy local food, going on new adventures, and bringing people together.

Join Heather on a Tyke Hike!

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